An Insane Quest!

A quest is on

can’t say where it lands

Quest for Truth, Values,Faith

All lost in the meandering lanes of

falsehood, splendor, resignation

callousness and frustration.

I hope to retrieve

the sea of faith, unfathomed love, joys abundant

and bounties of nature

that have been brushed aside by this Man…

Crazy for materialistic pursuits

Is this the creation God-sent

to succumb, to subjugate

to trample the Glossy-Green

And turn it into barren land?


Is born but to die

endowed with power but to serve

blessed but to bring a smile on the care-worn Face!

Look, how he deviates from

The Greater Purpose and surrenders at the altar of  Satan.

I am Yet to meet an answer to my quest.Photo-0318

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