Love Deflowered!


He held my hand

near the river bend

by the sloppy sea-end

and down in no man’s land.

He held my hand,

Up the hill,

down the sill

Close to meandering streams….not to say even in my dreams!

During the day,

during the night

with a clasp so tight,

that it made me Pay heavily.

His curly hair made a snare

his eyes beckoning

his smiles reckoning


He held my hand on the sand beach

kissed my forehead and was within reach

embraced me with a grip so tight

that made me firm and light

Who could resist such a sway,

When “Both’ are in-intoxication and gay?


Each gesture,

each word spelled

told of a solid stature.


‘O’ the reality bites, like the crooked ‘Kites’

Stormy nights and days followed

tearing apart the genuine ‘Love’

the heart bled, the eyes wept

the voice became mute and lost its hoot

And i  here pine,

For the ‘Love’ that was mine.

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